Brittany Shatley
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So…who is Brittany Shatley?

My brain loves stories. It loves learning about others- what makes them tick, what do they love, what made them the person they are today? I’m the girl who will meet you and then five minutes later ask you, “but, what sets your soul on fire?” If I had not gone to art school, it’s likely that I would have studied psychology or sociology. But, this isn’t a story about what might have been...

Growing up, I was always allowed the freedom that I needed to explore my identity. Who knows how it felt to be my parents- trying to raise a child whose interests were ever-changing and was constantly curious about the world around them. I have played every single sport, tried multiple instruments, written poetry, went to school for photography and yet…I never learned how to stay still. Even after obtaining a Bachelor’s in Editorial Photography from Indiana University, there was still something missing. Until I discovered painting.

Through all of those different experiences and hobbies, I was searching for that perfect way to reach others. I wanted to create something that would touch that deep part of people’s hearts that carries their most-cherished memories and their sense of wonder. Painting helps me do that. Every single artwork that I make holds a piece of my own story. My paintings are the softest, most vulnerable part of me. As humans, there are certain emotions or events that we are all bound to experience (love, anger, grief, etc.). It is my hope that by sharing my own experiences, others can also see their story written in my work.

Being an artist who is not traditionally trained in painting forced me to forge my own way. Because I was never taught the rules, I never had to feel like I was breaking them. It has allowed me the freedom to create without boundaries. So, these are the things that have made up the foundation of my artistic process: connecting with others through the power of vulnerability.


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